Our mission statement is simple. We believe JaxNaz exists to make "More and Better Disciples."

MORE - We think everyone ought to know Jesus Christ. BETTER - We want to know him in an ever-increasing way and to walk with Him in greater intimacy. 

Our "Great Cause" (often referred to as "The Great Commission") was given to us by Jesus Himself when He said, "Go and make disciples (followers) of all nations...teaching them everything I have commanded you" (Matthew 28:19-20). 


Jesus told us that when we feed the hungry, clothe the ill-clothed, visit the sick, show hospitality to the stranger, care for the prisoner and stand up for anyone who is vulnerable, we are doing it for Him (Matthew 25:31-45). We are called to see Jesus in the face of those who are trampled down by our world.

At JaxNaz our call to "Great Compassion" is on the same plane as our "Great Cause." Jesus called us to give good news by proclaiming Him to our world and by serving the poor and vulnerable. We believe that we are called by Him to be agents of His grace.


Of course, not one of us can make disciples, feed the hungry and care for the vulnerable. And we are not called to do this as individuals. We are called as a people--a community--to be Christ to our world. It takes an entire church to make one disciple. It takes a collective effort to feed the hungry. We are called to be a "Great Community" of selfless Christ-followers who are committed to be agents of His grace. 

We're not concerned about where you are at on your journey. But we are passionate for you to join us on this journey as seekers after God's heart.