Why Community Groups?

Growth happens in community. The early Church lived and worshiped together and experienced tremendous growth as they did. Through the centuries, meeting together in small groups and "doing life together" has remained an effective way to be connected to the Body of Christ. 

Community Groups at JaxNaz continue this beautiful tradition. We have three kinds of Community Groups, each designed to run with a different level of pastoral care and discipleship. For specific groups just starting up, visit our EVENTS page under the CONNECT tab above!

Focus Groups

Community Groups that meet for a specific time frame and study or focus on a particular topic are called Focus Groups. Relationships formed in Focus Groups aren't necessarily deep, as individuals usually interact during meeting times and the relationships tend to revolve around the topic of the group. 

Restoration Groups

Restoration Groups are similar to a Focus Groups. They focus on a topic and typically meet for a specified period of time. The topics in Restoration Groups provide an opportunity for healing. These groups are designed to help people see how God can restore them to the joyful and complete life He has called them to. 

Because of the sensitive nature of topics within Restoration Groups, relationships are often formed and continue beyond the scope of the group. Part of God's plan for restoration may very well be the formation of spiritual friendships forged in the face of life's most challenging times.  

Life Groups

Participants in Life Groups want to grow, meet regularly, study the Word, and "do life" together for a time period established by the group - be that a few months, years, or indefinitely. 

The relationships formed in Life Groups are meant to be deep and sustaining. Group members often become like extended family as they attend kids' birthday parties, visit one another in the hospital, help each other out in times of need, and grow in their love for one another as they grow together in their love for Christ. 

INTERESTED IN JOINING a Community group?

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Please let us know which group you are interested in attending. If you are unsure of a group, start by telling us a little about yourself, like your age, family dynamic, how long you have attended JaxNaz Church. Be sure to let us know how we can help you, too!