The word “covenant” speaks to a promise held between two parties. God made covenants in the Old Testament with instrumental Bible characters like Abraham and Noah. Jesus explained to his disciples in the New Testament that the wine they took at the Last Supper was the blood of the new covenant. Membership in the Church of the Nazarene, and to JaxNaz Church, represents a covenant on two levels; it is a promise between the member and the church and between the member and God.

Members are leaders in local congregations. Coming into membership says, “You can entrust Your flock to me, God. I will be a shepherd for Your people.” A church member is invested in the work of the church, what it stands for, and what it believes. The member is not only agreeing with and vowing to support the church's doctrines and practices, but is also committing to God to live out those beliefs and practices in pursuit of Him through this local place of worship. 

Membership is a declaration of faith, but it is also a sign of commitment to a local body of believers. It states a level of ownership over the ministries of a local church. Becoming a member of a local church tells the congregation, “God is faithful and true. I have seen it in my life through this church and want to live my testimony out loud here. I believe in what this church is about and I am here to guide, support, and help you as the Lord leads us all.”

We offer three membership classes, each designed to address aspects of this covenant. While these classes are required for membership, anyone can and everyone is encouraged to take them! 

The classes are:

  • NEW COMMUNITY | Who we are and what we believe
  • STEWARDSHIP | What we believe about managing the blessings God has given us
  • NETWORK | God has created you for ministry. What does that look like and how can you serve? 

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