As We Forgive

When You Pray
When I was a child I was taught that prayer was talking to God. That was a simple, powerful truth for me. It gave me the realization that God was always with me - He was always near.
As I grew older, I learned that prayer was listening to God. But to be honest, talking was much easier for me than listening. So I still tended to do most of the talking. Still, I would try to listen when I had overwhelming needs or when I had been humbled enough to know how badly I needed God’s direction. And one of the things I learned by listening was how much I needed to grow as a listener.
I later learned that prayer was dwelling with God - Christ in me and I in Him. It was no longer simply a matter of talking and listening. It was a shared life. Call it communion or fellowship or any other name, there is a life with God called prayer.
And prayer - this life - is a journey. Let’s take some time to see the beauty and joy of prayer by considering Jesus’ life and the things He taught us about prayer. And together let’s grow and learn. Let’s approach this time with the same request that the disciples brought to Jesus - “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1).
I look forward to this journey together.