What do we typically do when something new and exciting enters our lives? A new insight, new gift, new show, new relationship? We share it with others. Why? Because we can’t help it! The joy we’ve experienced can’t be contained and, as a result, spills over into everything we do.

A common response from people affected by Jesus was that they couldn’t help but share the news with others. Early on in Jesus’ ministry, he advised a few individuals to keep what he had done on the down low (for a variety of reasons). They couldn’t resist. They returned to their towns and spread the word at once. In John 1, Jesus calls Andrew to follow him. In verse 41 we read, “The first thing Andrew did then was to find his brother Simon. He said, `We have found the Messiah!'”

If Jesus changes everything, for the good, how can we keep it to ourselves? How can we contain what he’s done in us to a little box labeled ‘Sundays?’ We can’t! We have a mission that’s waiting to be accepted.