changes everything

The world in which we live is in desperate need of hope. People everywhere struggle, fighting battles against each other and within themselves. These battles stem from our wounded, fallen nature as we rage against what we know is right. Culturally, we have labeled the voice that tells us what is right or wrong our conscience. In fact, it is God's Spirit drawing us toward Himself.

God sent Jesus, His son, from heaven to us. Jesus was born as a vulnerable baby, grew into a man, and showed us how to live the life God intended from the beginning. Then, knowing there was nothing we could do to end the battle between sin and righteousness, Jesus BECAME sin for us even though he was without sin himself. He went to the cross as sin and died.

Through Jesus, sin died. 

Then, Jesus came back to life!

JESUS came back to life.

Sin did not.  

We are still a broken people, but there is hope! During his earthly ministry, Jesus taught us that when we accept him as Christ, Messiah, Savior, he will send the Advocate, the Helper, the Holy Spirit, to live powerfully in us so that sin is no longer our master. Laying our lives down for Jesus sets us free.