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Worship at JaxNaz

 At JaxNaz, we use things like lights, videos, different kinds of music, and storytelling to experience God. Our services are all about understanding how to live life with Jesus, and like Jesus.

We don't make things complicated because we want to take what we learn and actually use it in everyday life.

What to Expect

  • We're dedicated to assisting you as much as you need! If you prefer to navigate independently, feel free to enter the Sanctuary and choose any available seating. For those with children, connect with our volunteers at Family Check-In, and they'll provide guidance. Our staff and volunteers are ready in the Becoming More Space to help you establish connections, or you can conveniently fill out our digital connect card before your visit!

  • We have bathrooms all around the church. In the big entryway, we call it the "Commons," there's a special bathroom for families. We also have bathrooms just for women and men, and guess what? They all have changing tables, too! So, if you ever need to use the bathroom or change a diaper, we've got you covered.

  • Yes! Worship services are intentionally designed for specific stages of development. Starting January 28th, JaxNaz Kids - birth-5th Grade will meet every Sunday during our 8:30a | 10:00a | 11:30a services.

  • Yes, at our 10:00a Sunday service, we have someone who can interpret in American Sign Language (ASL). You can also find ASL interpretation online at:

  • At JaxNaz, people wear all kinds of clothes, like fancy suits or casual T-shirts and shorts. You can wear whatever you like because everyone here is like family, and we want you to feel comfy!

  • As we become more like Jesus… grow… and change… we can experience some growing pains.  If you've attended services the past couple weeks, you've probably felt these growing pains in the parking lot!  Beginning this weekend, we are making a few changes to the traffic flow on Sunday mornings, to improve the efficiency and safety.

Plan a Visit!

We understand stepping into a new enviroment can be intimidating and often uncomfortable, our goal is to help remove any barriers for you or your family.

What day are you able to join us?
Service Time




Lead Pastor Bryce Gernand

8:30a | 10:00a | 11:30a

10:00a | ASL Interpretation


Birth - 5th Grade
8:30a | 10:00a | 11:30a

Shine Special Needs Ministry

JaxNaz Kids

6th - 8th Grade - 10:00a

9th - 12th Grade - 6:00-8:00p

Monday Night

6th - 8th Grade - 6:30-8:00p

JaxNaz Youth

Christmas Eve Worship

Whether you're a kid, a grown-up, someone who's single, or part of a family, you'll feel really welcome. You can come and check things out as many times as you want, and there's no need to worry about being asked to do something you don't want to do. Maybe, after visiting a few times, you might even decide that JaxNaz is the perfect place for you!

A Place for

You & Your Family!

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