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New Traffic Flow

Wow!  We are extremely proud of how you have responded to the addition of a third service and time changes. The way you've embraced the invitation to “Come sit with me!” has been incredible!


As we become more like Jesus… grow… and change… we can experience some growing pains.  If you've attended services the past couple weeks, you've probably felt these growing pains in the parking lot!  Beginning this weekend, we are making a few changes to the traffic flow on Sunday mornings, to improve the efficiency and safety.


We have implemented a new traffic flow pattern. Please take note of the following adjustments:


  1. One-Way Traffic: Incoming traffic will be diverted off the main drive, starting at 9:30a.  Certain parking lots will now be designated as one-way traffic. This will help minimize congestion, enhancing safety and enabling a more efficient exit.

  2. Parking Team: Our dedicated parking team members will be stationed at key points to assist you in navigating the new traffic flow and finding parking spaces efficiently. Please follow their instructions for a smoother experience for everyone.

  3. Dream Team Parking: If you’re volunteering at JaxNaz in any capacity on Sunday mornings, please park in Lot #1 at the northeast corner.

  4. Consider our Guests & Others: If you call JaxNaz "home" and wouldn’t mind parking in Lot #1, that would be greatly appreciated. This way, our friends visiting and those who physically need a preferred parking spot can utilize Lot #3.


We understand that change can sometimes be challenging, but we believe that these adjustments will create a more positive experience for everyone attending our Sunday services.


Our Parking Team has room to grow!  If you are interested in becoming part of our Parking Lot Dream Team, please contact or sign-up on our website !


Thank you for your continued support and understanding.  See you Sunday!


Christina Bristow

Administrative Pastor


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