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The Perspective of Definition

It’s funny how our experiences shape our perspectives.

To many, the church was only ever Sunday morning in-person worship music and a message. For others, it was food around a family dinner table with neighbors and friends. Particularly in the aftermath of the past year, some experience church through a screen connecting with other churchgoers through chat.

And you all might be right.

What is so powerful about our GOD is HE is not limited by our definition of the Church. We serve a creative and generous GOD that isn’t limited by time or location.

He is within YOU. So, don’t let your perspective of Church limit what God wants to do through YOU!

As your perspective of what church is and what church isn’t changes, be reminded of what church could be. Let's take time out of our jam-packed lives and dream! Get a different perspective and know we follow a God of limitless perspectives.

Go be the Church!


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